Accessibility for MPs offices should be a higher priority

Monday, 16 October 2017

Hon Robin Chapple MLC has hit back at claims his office is not wheelchair accessible, stating there are purpose-built ramps and adapted bathrooms to ensure all people can be accommodated.

“It’s not a very good look; I totally agree with Ms Connor’s complaint that there are simply too many offices in Perth not at all wheelchair accessible and it is totally unacceptable,” Mr Chapple said.

“Whilst the standards might now be outdated, having wheelchair accessibility was a personal requirement when I was offered this office in early 2009.

“I’ll admit mine is an old office and there are stairs up to the front door, but we’ve had a ramp put in at the back as well as railings put into both bathrooms to ensure that people in a wheelchair can be accommodated.

“I appreciate there is approximately 20m of inclined driveway to traverse from the street, however we have ample parking that can be made available for constituents if required.

“We often have wheelchair users come to the office for meetings and in fact, have hosted Ms Connor at our office previously.

“MPs who choose not to have an office in their electorate are only permitted within a short distance of Parliament house leaving very limited options. I would call upon the State Government to change those requirements and ensure that all MPs offices, including my own, are able to meet the highest possible accessibility standards.”

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