Barnett Government's privatisation agenda must be reversed

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Last night, the WA Greens gave notice during the opening of the 40th Parliament they would introduce a bill to rescind the sale of Utah Point Processing Facility in Port Hedland, keeping the asset in the hands of Western Australians.

Member for the Mining and Pastoral Region Robin Chapple MLC, who introduced the motion, said timing was critical if the sale was to be halted.

“It is essential that we reverse the privatisation agenda of the former Barnett government before it is too late; profitable state-owned assets are critical to long-term economic security in WA.

“Furthermore, the Utah Point facility is a significant local job creator in the Port Hedland region and selling it could diminish its contribution to the struggling local economy. Profit-driven multinationals will continue to drive jobs offshore, as we have seen over the last decade, putting further pressure on our regional centres.

“The Labor Party campaigned strongly against the privatisation of Western Power throughout the election and strongly opposed the sale of Utah Point in the 39th Parliament.

“By coming into power we would like to congratulate the Labor Party on halting the potentially disastrous sale of Western Power, and are hopeful they will extend the commitment to other important public assets.”

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