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2020-09-25 Robin Chapple criticises Derby banks reduction of trading hours to vulnerable communities

WA Greens MLC Robin Chapple incensed over reduction of Derby bank trading hours leaving vulnerable communities stranded


WA Greens Member for the Mining and Pastoral Region, Robin Chapple, has criticised the reduction of trading hours for Derby’s only bank; which has left vulnerable community members waiting in extreme heat for hours.


Speaking generally, Mr Chapple referred to the four hour windows of trade offered twice a week at the town’s only ANZ bank as “borderline punitive measures to Derby’s most vulnerable”.


“This decision to have such a short window for trade is putting immense pressure on locals who are often already struggling at an incredibly difficult time for regional towns”


“On days where temperatures are above 40 degrees, we simply cannot have people lining up for hours to access financial services - it’s a serious health risk and completely unacceptable”


“We are in the middle of an economic crisis unlike anything we’ve seen before that is hammering regional small business and communities.  I urge the bank as strongly as I can to increase their trading hours, because right now, they are not providing the community with basic services that are run of the mill for city folk”


Mr Chapple raised serious concerns over the lengths customers were going to in order to secure funds.


“People are driving for hours to make this relatively short window…  It’s costing time and money and we are now running the risk of people being forced to store large quantities of cash on their premises. Derby and the surrounding area then faces the potential for an increase in criminal behaviours, such as theft, by those seeking to exploit desperate conditions”


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