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About Robin Chapple

Robin was born in Wheathamstead in the United Kingdom, in 1947.  In his youth Robin worked at the City of London Stock Exchange, in the British sports automotive industry, and with Oxfam in Bangladesh.

1974 found him here in Australia working throughout the Northern Territory in various Aboriginal Communities and then in the early 80's moving west into W.A. to take up work with the Water Authority and later with B.H.P. in Port Hedland.

Robin became involved in many community activities and had the privilege of being a Port Hedland Town Councillor for seven years, retiring in May 1993. Whilst on Council he served as a delegate to both W.A. Municipal Association and the Country Shire Councils Association.

He chaired the 1988 inaugural North West Games (established 1985) the largest regional games ever held in Australia encompassing 12 shires of the North West and 1,036,000sq/km.

He was the co founder of L.E.A.F. (Local Environment Affinity Force) of Hedland, the local environment group, who took an active role in paper recycling, tree planting and commenting on all aspects of the environment and development in the North West.

Robin found that that most environmental and social impact consultancies were constrained by their dual roles of providing guidance to proponents and the need to provide in-depth assessments on behalf of community groups and local authorities. Chapple Research was established to meet the needs of the community, local authorities and local industries to for an impartial environmental/social impact consultancy.

Robin spent a number of years as a member of the Department of Minerals and Energy's Minerals Environmental Liaison Committee (MELC). He also served on the State Government’s mining industries annual “Golden Gecko Environmental Excellence Award” program, as a conservation representative on the technical review and assessment panel.

He was employed as the coordinator of the Anti Nuclear Alliance of Western Australia (ANAWA) for a number of years, campaigning against the establishment of a uranium mining industry in WA and the proposed Pangea international nuclear waste dump.

Robin was employed for a number of years as a research officer for Greens (WA) MLC Giz Watson, Member of the Legislative Council of State Parliament for the North Metropolitan Region of Western Australia.

Robin was elected to State Parliament on February 10, 2001, the first Greens (WA) candidate to win a seat in the massive Mining and Pastoral region.  He was defeated in the 2005 Election but was re-elected in the early election of September 2008, and then again in March 2013.

Nina Jurak

Research Officer

I grew up in Kalgoorlie and even though I have lived more than half my life in the city, I still say I am from Kal. I spent the first part of my working career in government departments before I saw a golden opportunity of working with Giz Watson. I am so lucky to be working with Robin's Team and to bring a passion and commitment to the Mining and Pastoral Region. I secretly love looking at legislation and like Robin, I am a bit of a politics and elections junkie. My wish is to combine my knowledge and experience to deliver the best environmental and social outcomes for the Region.

Betty Richards

Electorate Officer

I am constantly learning new and valuable skills in my role as Robin’s Electorate Officer, as well as an ever growing appreciation for how spectacular and diverse Western Australia is.  It has come to my attention how fragile environments in the Mining and Pastoral Region are and although society greatly depends on them, this often isn’t reflected in our state’s policies. Having Robin in the Legislative Council ensures that the importance of our natural environment is always voiced in Parliament, as well as the voice of communities in remote areas of the state. For this reason I am very proud to be a part of the dynamic team in Robin’s office, and am looking forward to continuing the good work in the months to come.

Tim Oliver

Media Adviser & Electorate Officer

I studied Journalism and International Relations at Curtin University and spent my last semester volunteering in a media capacity at Robin’s office. When I graduated I was lucky enough to be offered a continuation of that role and my involvement has grown from there.

I’ve lived most of my life in Perth, but have also spent time living abroad in Brunei and Canada and much of my spare time and holidays travelling abroad, particularly throughout South East Asia. I have a deep respect for the natural world and love the outdoors; my family’s idea of a holiday was always camping or hiking so I have grown up surrounded by WA’s unique natural environment. I am proud to be a part of Robin’s team, and working for the party that I believe has Australia’s best interests at heart.

Connor Slight

Digital Media Advisor

I first started at Robin’s office during University where I undertook an Arts practicum. I loved my time there so much that I continued to volunteer after graduating, eventually earning a paid gig.

I love to film and take photos so I consider myself extremely lucky to do it as a job, there’s no better place to do this than the Mining & Pastoral electorate. I really believe in the power of images as catalysts for change and I look forward to seeing what my work can do for the Mining & Pastoral region.


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