Greens Oppose Barnett’s Kimberley-to-Perth Water Plan

Greens Member of Parliament Robin Chapple MLC has condemned the Premier’s actions in once again talking up a plan to send water from the Kimberley to Perth, to alleviate water shortages in the south of the state.

“Mr Barnett made the statement during his visit to the East Kimberley last week, saying he stood by his belief that water could be piped from the Kimberley to address water shortages,” Mr Chapple said.

“The plan to transport water from the Kimberley to Perth was thoroughly investigated in 2006 by an Expert Panel who found the costs and hazards involved to be prohibitive.

“The Panel, which cost the WA taxpayers $4million, compared the costs and risks of transporting the water by canal, pipeline, ocean-going tankers and tugs towing giant water bags.

“The panel concluded that, regardless of which option was selected, householders would end up paying exorbitant prices for water and the project would cripple the state budget.

“The Carpenter Government opted to build a desalination plant in Kwinana instead, for a fraction of the cost.

“Aside from the cost, there are also many Native Title and environmental considerations that would make the proposal impractical.

“The Premier’s attempt to resurrect a Kimberley-to-Perth water supply is irresponsible and smacks of a leader who will go to any lengths in order to have his way.

“Let us not forget that he lost the 2005 state election over his promise to build a canal from the Kimberley to Perth,” Mr Chapple said.

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