Your Greens in State Parliament - 14 April 2014

The last two weeks have seemed to have merged into one frenetic period of activity with the rerun of the Senate Election last weekend. Both Lynn and Robin were out in their electorates on polling booths with a fantastic group of helpers, in many cases out-staffing booths compared with the two old parties.

A fantastic outcome was achieved by the Greens in WA, getting a full quota of vote for the first time, getting elected third. We still wait for the outcome of the final two seats between the ALP, PUP and the LIB’s which will be determined by early and postal votes.

Back in Parliament we have been dealing with the Taxi Drivers Licensing Bill 2013, the Workforce Reform Bill 2013, the Sunset Reserve Transformation Bill 2013 and the Mining Legislation Amendment Bill 2013.

Along with the ALP we opposed the Workforce Reform Bill 2013 and we opposed both the coalition and ALP over the passage of the Sunset Reserve Transformation Bill 2013 (Lynn) and the Mining Legislation Amendment Bill 2013 (Robin).

In speaking on the Sunset Reserve Transformation Bill 2013, Lynn noted that the Nedlands site has the potential to be a beautiful heritage zone, and opposed the sale of a section of its A-Class reserve. While the government argued that selling off 2.4 per cent of the site would fund an initial conservation stage, the government could not describe the plan for transforming the site beyond a two-year clean-up, repair and landscaping effort. Development proposals for the site have been mired in controversy for decades, yet the location and heritage value of Sunset deserve a long-term strategy and financial plan so that future generations can enjoy it. While the Bill passed, the Greens opposed it on the grounds that land from heritage sites should not be excised and sold to pay for short-term maintenance of that heritage.

In questioning the Minister for Fisheries on the disgraceful cull of sharks, Lynn found out that indeed two officers from the Department of Fisheries had declined to take part in the cull program.

One answer to a question that is particularly galling turned up that environmental plans for the fracking industry are confidential under the provisions of the Petroleum and Geothermal Energy Resources Act 1967.

Lynn acquitted herself brilliantly on a motion that the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority prioritise the coordination and management of the planning and development of the greater Fremantle area. Lynn spoke in favour of the City of Fremantle retaining its planning powers. She listed examples of successful small businesses that have helped revitalise Fremantle without external assistance from any redevelopment authority. Where Fremantle should be helped by the state government is in the areas of transport, housing and the provision of social services. The quality of life for many residents is badly affected by the increasing diesel emissions, traffic noise and congestion from the exponential growth in shipping container transport. A key issue for Fremantle residents today is how to find enough affordable housing in the city centre. And, it is critical that emergency accommodation and refuge services are maintained in Fremantle. That is something the state government could do.

There was a cynical motion put up by Nick Goiran on Euthanasia, the debate can be found here.

We have debated the Ports Legislation Amendment Bill 2013 and it will now go into the committee of the whole for further investigation.

Please note the Local Government Amendment Bill 2013 was adjourned and has disappeared from the notice paper. Whilst this does not stop the Liberal National Government from continuing with amalgamation by stealth (council abolishment and boundary realignment) it shows the government’s own backbenchers are in revolt.

Bills introduced into the Legislative Council and awaiting debate

Electoral Amendment Bill 2014

Introduced and read a first time

Custodial Legislation (Officers Discipline) Amendment Bill 2013

Introduced and read a first time

Disability Services Amendment Bill 2014

Introduced and read a first time

Now stands referred to the Standing Committee on Uniform Legislation and Statutes Review as per Standing Order 126

Bills to be dealt with can be found here:

Asbestos Diseases Compensation Bill 2013

Biodiversity Legislation (Priority Reforms) Bill 2014

Climate Change Readiness (Coastal Planning and Protection) Bill 2013

Consumer Protection Legislation Amendment Bill 2013

Corruption and Crime Commission Amendment (Misconduct) Bill 2014

Criminal Code Amendment (Unlawful Possession) Bill 2013

Criminal Law Amendment (Home Burglary and Other Offences) Bill 2014

Criminal Law (Mentally Impaired Accused) Amendment Bill 2014

Custodial Legislation (Officers Discipline) Amendment Bill 2013

Declared Places (Mentally Impaired Accused) Bill 2013

Disability Services Amendment Bill 2014

Electoral Amendment Bill 2014

Free Range Eggs Labelling Bill 2013

Liquor Control Amendment Bill 2013

Local Government Amendment Bill 2013

Medicines, Poisons and Therapeutic Goods Bill 2013

Mental Health Bill 2013

Mental Health Legislation Amendment Bill 2013

Petroleum and Geothermal Energy Legislation Amendment Bill 2013

Ports Legislation Amendment Bill 2013

Road Traffic Amendment (Keeping Safe Distances from Bicycles) Bill 2014

Royal Perth Hospital Protection Bill 2013

Same-Sex Marriage Bill 2013

Statutes (Repeals) Bill 2013

Succession to the Crown Bill 2014

Unclaimed Money (Superannuation and RSA Providers) Amendment and Expiry Bill 2013

Warehousemen's Liens Amendment Bill 2013


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