Your Greens in State Parliament 17-26 February 2015

It’s been a wonderful start to the new sitting year with two strong rallies at Parliament: on March 17 a busload of men and women from Margaret River arrived with a $90,000 cheque from crowd funding to Save Mowen Forest. The Minister has steadfastly refused their requests to meet, but after the Parliament protest, they met with her Chief of Staff who rejected the offer. Lynn’s questions in Parliament revealed the Government’s irrational commitment to prop up the logging industry in spite of the community’s successful campaign to put our money where our mouth is to stop logging.

Lynn debated bills on alcohol interlocking devices for drunk drivers, interstate prisoner transfers, establishing declared places for accused people who are mentally impaired, and moving the Swan River Trust into the Department of Parks and Wildlife. She asked questions about habitat trees and logging in Mowen during fire ban, the greyhound racing industry, adoptions and the animal welfare unit; fire management; Shannon National Park wildfire; timber production; prescribed burns; licences on Wedge Island and Grey; differing answers, Heritage vs. Lands; Western Ringtail Possum; 1080 fox baits; garden bore restrictions; native forest coups profits; Disruptive Behaviour Management System 2013 and 2014; Public housing zones; ShelterWA’s launch of the Housing Hub; transcultural mental health services; and sharks.

Robin delivered four petitions: Julieka Ivanna Dhu - Death in Custody, Aboriginal Heritage Amendment Bill 2014, Stolen Wages Reparation Scheme and Hydraulic Fracturing – Gascoyne, delivered an adjournment speech on  the proposal from Mineral Resources Ltd to mine the Helena–Aurora Range as environmentally unacceptable, spoke to his committees 77th Report Of Standing Committee on Delegated Legislation into "Inquiry into a Proposed Template Waste Local Law" and debated the amendments to the Alcohol and Drug Authority amalgamation with the Drug and Alcohol Authority.

He asked questions about the possible introduction of the Aboriginal Custody Notification Service, the possible closure of the Kunawarritji Aboriginal community, more questions on the death in custody of Ms Dhu, about the fatality on 15 February 2014 at Central Norseman Gold's Harlequin mine, electrical supply problems at the community of Kunawarritji, questions on the draft Aboriginal Heritage Amendment Bill 2014, numerous dead cattle at the Yandeyarra Aboriginal Reserve, questions pertaining to asbestos with the Koodaideri iron ore and infrastructure project going through Wittenoom and why the site record of the Wallcliffe rock shelters has been removed.

Robin also was paired to attend the opening of the new Clean Energy Council in WA the only state member of parliament to attend,  spoke at the first rally held by the newly formed Aboriginal Heritage Action Alliance held outside the offices of DAA and attended yet another vocal protest on the steps of Parliament from the Deaths in Custody Watch Committee.


The other bills dealt with and passed were:

Taxation Legislation Amendment Bill (No. 2) 2014 [LA 96–2] –

Alcohol and Drug Authority Amendment Bill 2014 [LA 67–2] –

Road Traffic Legislation Amendment Bill 2014 [LA 94–2]-

Succession to the Crown Bill 2014[LA 60–1B] –

Perth Theatre Trust Amendment Bill 2014 [LA 80–1] –


The following motions and bills will be debated in the weeks to come:

Criminal Code Amendment (Prevention of Lawful Activity) Bill 2015 [LC 114-1]

North West Gas Development (Woodside) Agreement Amendment Bill 2014 [LA 109-1] –

Directors’ Liability Reform Bill 2015[LC 115-1]

Disallowance Motions

Regulations 28 to 38 inclusive of the Public Sector Management (Redeployment and Redundancy) Regulations 2014


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