ALP anti-fracking announcement ‘spineless’: Greens

Thursday, 6 October

The WA Greens have cautiously welcomed Labor’s commitment to ban fracking in the South West, but say the policy ignores the vast majority of onshore gas exploration tenements in the Mid West, North West and Kimberley, and should be extended.

“WA Labor are appealing largely to metro voters in announcing this exclusive policy today, effectively saying ‘we don’t care’ about the rest of regional Western Australia,” WA Greens MLC Robin Chapple said.

“Up until last week their policy was to impose a state-wide moratorium on all fracking operations and exploration until a public inquiry could be held. Their new position seems to suggest that this is no longer necessary for most of the state and is a compromise that we find untenable.

“The vast majority of WA’s onshore gas exploration tenements are not in the South West and the fact Labor have ignored this in today’s announcement speaks volumes about what is likely to happen after the March 2017 election if they win government.

“If Labor are genuinely concerned about the impacts of fracking and the viability of this industry in Western Australia then it should be a no-brainer to expand this policy to include those other regions where the majority of exploration tenements lie.

“The WA Greens will be watching closely to make sure that Labor follow through on this promise in the South West, Perth and Peel regions, and pushing hard for an expansion of this policy to include those other regions under threat.

“History should tell us that this intrusive industry poses a major threat to our water, our farmland and our unique and fragile ecosystems. In the face of dangerous climate change, it is completely illogical to continue supporting the expansion of the fossil fuel industry.”

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