Energy nearing crisis point

Friday, 7 January

Policymakers need to change tack and embrace the clean energy shift to avoid an energy crisis, according to WA Green’s Energy spokesperson Robin Chapple MLC.

“A recent report by Curtin University shows that 20% of homes on Perth’s metropolitan grid have solar panel roofs, making them the largest source of energy in WA,” Mr Chapple said.

“This has been a growing trend for the past couple of years and with the home installation of super batteries now a possibility, the change to solar energy will only surge forward.”

“It is unfortunate that the Barnett government has so far played down the importance of these emerging technologies; a lack of foresight now rearing its head as the market leaves them behind.

“We have sustainable energy experts now saying solar energy is so popular, private investors would be uninterested in buying the states unprofitable coal power networks.

“There are also plans by Synergy to charge solar panel customers more to connect to the grid because the current energy system is unsustainable. This is absolutely backwards thinking.

“They are punishing those who want a more sustainable and cost effective way of using energy to make up for their own lack of energy foresight.

 “The government is not making it easy on themselves and the people of Perth to move to a sustainable, cheap and efficient energy system. They are resisting the tide and paying the consequences.”

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