Fracking report doesn’t go far enough

Friday, 20 November

WA Greens spokesperson on Mines and Petroleum Robin Chapple MLC claims a report tabled yesterday into the unconventional gas industry doesn’t go far enough in addressing known issues with the industry.

“Areas where fracking is proposed in Western Australia include some of our most fragile groundwater reserves, fertile farmlands and pristine and threatened ecosystems,” Mr Chapple said.

“Rather than properly address evidence and historical experiences with the industry, both from the East Coast and from other countries, this report perpetuates the myth that fracking is ultimately a pretty safe industry; this is false.

“Not only is this an extremely dangerous industry, but it is also unnecessary; Western Australia has no need for gas and contrary to what this government will have you believe, we are not a major exporter either.

“Furthermore, there is overwhelming community opposition towards the industry in the very places that exploration permits have been granted. Indeed, many of these communities have declared themselves ‘gasfield free’ with close to 100% support.

“All I see is a puppet government who continues to do the bidding of multinational mining corporations without care or consequence.”

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