Great Northern Hwy cattle problem getting worse, not better

Friday, 15 January

WA Greens MLC Robin Chapple has again questioned what the state government are doing to address safety on the Great Northern Highway between Broome and Derby.

“Cattle roaming Kimberley highways freely, especially the stretch of Great Northern Highway between Broome and Derby, continues to be a persistent problem for the region,” Mr Chapple said.

“The risk to drivers is absolutely phenomenal. I have not driven this stretch of road once in the last few years and not seen cattle roaming on, or very near, the road which suggests to me it is only getting worse.

“Just last month whilst travelling north from Broome to my home in Derby I narrowly avoided a major collision when a herd of cattle got spooked and stampeded across the road in front of me.

“Somehow, I went straight through the middle of the herd, however you can imagine the level of damage that could be sustained in a cattle collision at highway speeds!"

Mr Chapple’s comments come after The National Party yesterday announced thousands of dollars’ worth of funding from the Road Safety Commission for the state’s South West.

“The Great Northern Highway is a major service highway for the Kimberley and roaming cattle is a well-known issue for this region,” Mr Chapple said.

“An Australian Road Assessment Program report, commissioned by the Australian Automobile Association in 2013, suggested the Great Northern Highway was one of the state’s worst roads; so why has nothing been done?

“It wouldn’t take much to work with pastoralists in the region to make sure that gates are locked, fences are secure and generally speaking, the road is safe for all users. Right now that is very far from the truth.

“I would go so far as to say this is a case of ‘out of sight and out of mind’ for the Department and quite frankly, it is an attitude faced by Kimberley residents all too often.”

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