Planning for longer fire seasons urgent shows Climate Council report

Wednesday, 18 November

Following tragic fires in Western Australia and the Climate Council's report<> on bushfire preparedness, the Australian Greens are calling for governments to work together on a plan for longer fire seasons that looks after firefighters.

The Hon Robin Chapple MLC, WA Greens Climate change spokesperson said:

“In the aftermath of the recent devastating fires that killed four people near Esperance, we need to look at a long-term plan for the inevitably hotter, dryer conditions we will see in the future.

“A report, released today by the Climate Council, has found that climate change is already seeing Australia face a longer, harsher bushfire season each year as 2015 looks likely to surpass last year as the hottest on record.

“The report also found that because fire seasons in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres are increasingly lengthening and overlapping, shared firefighting equipment like aircraft is in increased demand.


“We need a plan that looks after our firefighters and provides them with the equipment, staffing and support they need to protect Australians over longer fire seasons.


“Instead, we have a government who has actively done nothing to combat the very real effects climate change will have on our hot, dry state; indeed, effects we are already tragically seeing.


“For this, and myriad other reasons, Western Australia needs to drastically increase its commitment to mitigating the effects of climate change and work together with the rest of Australia to improve our bushfire preparedness in the face of this summer’s forecast El Nino.”


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