Synergy plan to make solar less viable

Wednesday, 13 August

Plans by Synergy to charge solar panel customers more to connect to the grid than others is unfair and unrealistic, according to WA Greens Energy spokesperson Robin Chapple MLC.

“Charging solar customers even more for infrastructure that was built in the past, and that they will utilise a whole lot less, quite simply does not make sense." Mr Chapple said.

“Greens Senator Scott Ludlam’s solar postcodes report shows that it is actually lower income households that are more likely to have solar panels, debunking Mr Rowe’s claims that people who can pay, should.

“More and more people are looking to solar as a long-term option for saving money, and this policy will directly affect those people. It is essentially a policy that will punish people who havemade the move to a sustainable lifestyle, or to save money, or both.

“The WA Greens support tariff reforms to create a more cost-reflective pricing system in Western Australia, and to lower government subsidisation, which at present is unsustainable, but increasing costs to those customers who are trying to do the right thing is not positive reform.

“I also am concerned about vulnerable households, as those who consume more power at peak times are not necessarily wealthier customers. I am glad to see that concessions will be restructured to aid these people, but I would like to see the details.

“Ultimately, this government has done everything possible to obstruct the transition to the jobs-rich low carbon future we need. We should be making it easier to switch to clean energy – this policy will only put more people off.”

Solar postcodes report can be found here.

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