All local governments should adopt balloon release ban: Greens

Tuesday, 24 October 2017
The WA Greens have called on local governments to adopt similar laws to the Town of Cottesloe regarding the release of helium-filled balloons, given the State Government has no intentions to amend the Litter Act.
Environment Spokesperson Robin Chapple MLC said he was still hopeful that McGowan Labor government would see sense and include amendments to the Litter Act targeting balloon releases when they move to introduce a ban on plastic bags from July 2018.
“We want it to be acknowledged under West Australian Law that when a balloon is released from the hand, it becomes litter,” Mr Chapple said.
“This is what Cottesloe have proposed to do recently within their local jurisdiction, and I applaud them for that move, and others such as Cockburn are considering the move as well.
“I have written to every single City, Town, Council and Shire in Western Australia asking them to consider our fragile marine environments and do the same.
“Every single synthetic latex balloon that has ever been released has come back down to earth where it would have remained intact, or partially intact, for up to 5 years posing a threat to a variety of sea creatures who might see it as a food source.
“It is estimated the volume of plastic waste in our oceans will be greater than sea life by 2050 if we keep consuming and disposing of waste at current rates, and we are already at a point where micro-plastics have entered the food chain of which we participate.
“That’s why we’re calling on local councils across WA to stand up to the State Government and adopt a ban on balloon releases.”
Please find attached copy of the letter sent by Hon Robin Chapple MLC to every local government in Western Australia.
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WA Greens applaud Cottesloe Council for ban on balloon releases

Thursday, 28 September 2017

The WA Greens have today applauded the Town of Cottesloe for unanimously voting to ban mass balloon releases, and called on the State Labor government to include similar provisions in their proposed ban on plastic bags.

Environment spokesperson Robin Chapple MLC said mass balloon releases were akin to illegal dumping and should be treated as such by law.

“Every single one of those balloons will eventually come back down to earth as litter, many of them landing in our oceans where threatened marine life such as turtles see them as food,” Mr Chapple said.

“If I were to drive into a national park with a trailer full of organic waste and dump it in the bush I could easily be fined upwards of $10,000, yet I could head out to Horizontal Falls Marine Park tomorrow with a thousand balloons and let them go without a single consequence.

“A single balloon, even one made from natural latex to the highest industry standards, will take at least 5 years and potentially many more to break down whilst a balloon release is enjoyed for just a few fleeting moments.

“It is simply astounding to me, given the impacts that balloons and other plastics are having on our marine life are known, that we have not immediately curtailed such reckless environmental vandalism.

“It is clear that this Government has no interest in supporting the WA Greens ban on single use plastics however we had hoped they would be more open to a discussion with us about amending the legislation to reach a workable compromise.

“From that perspective, I will personally be writing to the Minister for Environment Stephen Dawson this week imploring him to consider including a ban on balloon releases anywhere in Western Australia.”

Media contact

Tim Oliver – 0431 9696 25 // 08 9486 8255


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