Time for action on Herbicide scandal

September 16, 2002 - Minister for Agriculture Kim Chance has admitted that the Government has sought legal advice over the findings of the Harper Report into herbicide spraying in the Kimberley, in response to questions asked in Parliament on Thursday 12 September.

“We have called a number of times for the report to be released. We know of at least two of the former Agriculture Protection Board workers who have died since the report was written, and we are simply not interested in hearing about more delays,' Mr Chapple said.

“I recognise that the State Government will have a lot of work ahead of it when the report is finally made public, but I call on them to release the report without further delay. Families have suffered enormous harm as a result of handling chemicals they were told were safe, by people who should have known better.'

“While the Government is preparing its response, there is a whole community of people who currently have no recourse to specialist medical assistance, counselling or assisted travel to metropolitan hospitals. They need help now, and are not interested in waiting around while the Government prepares its legal strategy.'

“The Government has taken the plunge and ordered a proper investigation, which no Minister up until now has had the courage to do. We're calling now for them to finish the job and provide some answers to the people most directly concerned.'

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