WA energy saga continues

Tuesday, 9 February

The outcomes from a lack of energy foresight are only getting worse says Green energy spokesperson Robin Chapple MLC

Mr Chapple’s comments are on the back of recent complaints from private energy operators Tesla Corporation and Perth Energy about the way the energy industry is run, namely Synergy’s market dominance and excessive generation.

“Because of a lack of foresight Synergy is flooding the market with inefficient and expensive energy, making it harder for private companies to invest” Mr Chapple said. 

“We are effectively seeing a government desperately latch onto ageing assets instead of thinking ahead, halting any form of progress.”

“These recent complaints only add to a growing list of negative outcomes.”

“We recently saw coal-fired plants pay to stay on the grid because of because of wind and solar energy, we are seeing solar energy users punished for using renewables because Synergy isn’t making enough money.”

“Now we are seeing private providers call for more industry independence because it’s impracticable to invest into a flooded market.”

“We are currently witnessing an energy industry surge forward and a state government desperately trying to adjust.”

“The government urgently need to shift assets that are holding us back and allow flexibility so we can move forward.” 

For comment please contact Robin Chapple on 9486 8255.

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