Where was Tuckey when we needed him?

January 9, 2003 - The Goldfields appears to have been overlooked in the race to build a $1 billion renewable energy project, with the EnviroMission Solar Tower project now slated for western New South Wales, Mr Chapple said this morning.

'Minister Tuckey should have been on the front foot promoting this project for Western Australia, and we know the Goldfields was on the shortlist of sites,' Mr Chapple said.

'With some of the highest average levels of solar radiation anywhere in the world and within a short distance of world class design and engineering facilities, I am surprised and disappointed that the Goldfields has missed this opportunity. It could have given a kickstart to the renewable energy industry here and a boost to the local economy.'

'If this project proves a success, I would expect everyone would pitch in to ensure that a second tower goes ahead in this state, and it is clear that the Goldfields has the edge where large scale solar installations are concerned.

'I would like to see the region leading the world in renewable energy projects', Mr Chapple concluded.

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