Ban Plastics WA

If our current rates of plastic production and disposal continue, it is estimated that the volume of plastic in the ocean will outweigh the volume of sea life by 2050. We must act now to stop plastic ending up in oceans, habitats, and landfill. 
To act on this issue Robin Chapple has introduced a bill to restrict the supply of plastic bags, balloons, plastic drinking straws, and polyethylene and polystyrene packaging. The bill will also prohibit the supply of products containing plastic microbeads through the whole of Western Australia. Retailers and producers currently have no obligation to participate in reducing the amount of plastic our society uses and disposes of, making it difficult for people who want to change their habits.

Please email only your local member and the Environment Minister:

Use the WAEC website to find both your electoral region and district then find the corresponding Legislative Assembly and Legislative council member below. 

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