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The Greens (WA) are opposed to war. We hold that general disarmament is an essential priority. Existing military industries are an unethical waste of global resources, money and scientific expertise which could be used in areas of human need. Genuine security does not rest on military strength but on cooperation, sound economic and social development, environmental safety and respect for human rights. Australia's security is inseparable from that of our region and the world. All security policies should enshrine the goals of peace, nonviolence, disarmament, social justice and ecological protection and must support the self-determination of indigenous peoples.

We accept that victims of aggression may not always have nonviolent options available to them. In such cases we support their right to defend themselves, but we have a responsibility to provide ways for them to use nonviolent methods. Further, we must place pressure on the aggressor to negotiate a peaceful and just resolution.

The Greens (WA) believe
  • genuine security rests on cooperation, fair economic and social development, environmental sustainability, and respect for human rights, rather than military capabilities.
  • conscription has no place in a democratic society.
  • no nuclear armed or powered forces should be deployed within western Australia's maritime boundaries
  • to reduce the threat of terrorism, the social and economic injustices which contribute to terrorist actions should be addressed.
  • climate change represents one of the greatest threats to international peace and security.
  • environmental degradation caused by climate change impacts will increasingly result in the displacement of people, undermining global peace and security.
  • veterans and their families face unique financial, employment and health challenges which require strong policy responses (see also Greens Peace & security policy)
The Greens (WA) will initiate and supportĀ legislation and other actions that will:
  • oversee a reallocation, and where possible, reduction in Western Australian military expenditure consistent with the defensive security needs of Western Australia
  • ensure the Western Australian Defense Force and other public security agencies have an inclusive and non-discriminatory culture, to reflect the diversity of Australian society and to be supported by a transparent military justice system.
  • to reinvigorate peace research in Western Australian universities and peace education in schools
  • the active promotion of peace and non-violence through education
  • enact gender equality in peace processes, agreements and transitional governance structures
  • cease all existing foreign bases and joint defence facilities on Western Australian territory and an end to foreign troop deployment, training and hosting on Western Australian territory
  • enforce comprehensive and transparent accounting of the costs, including social and health costs, associated with past, present and future involvement in military action
  • cease Western Australian participation in or subsidization of the sale of weaponry, components or arms fairs
  • ensure decisions on defence procurement are based on Western Australia's defence needs (see also Greens Peace & Security policy)
  • reject the development, manufacture, sale, storage, transport and use of land mines, chemical, nuclear, biological and other weapons systems including weapons designed to induce damage or destruction upon a target on earth or in space (see the Greens (WA) policy on Peace & Non-Violence)
  • withdraw the state from all aspects of the nuclear fuel chain and arms industry. The Greens (WA) are opposed to uranium mining, nuclear reactors, transport of radioactive products and waste, visits by nuclear-powered and armed ships and nuclear waste dumps.
  • In order to encourage disarmament around the world, Australia must dramatically reduce military spending, and sever its military relationships with nations that have an aggressive foreign policy. We must renegotiate current military alliances and intelligence relationships.
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