Coral Bay funding a step in the right direction

June 6, 2002 - Greens (WA) MLC Robin Chapple today welcomed an announcement by the Premier to invest $7.5 million on a wastewater system for Coral Bay as a step in the right direction for the future of the town.

Mr Chapple said the current system of septic tanks and leach drains had been inappropriate for years and were a potential threat to the pristine Ningaloo Reef.

'Not only is there a need for more appropriate basic services for tourists visiting the town but for those residents who have been fighting for a better wastewater scheme for years,' Mr Chapple said.

'However, it is essential that the government follow through with its announcement that alternative technologies would be investigated for the area. Coral Bay is a unique and special place and whatever system is developed needs to be developed to meet the needs of the community and be part of an overall long-term strategy for the town.'

Mr Chapple said that he hoped the announcement was an indication that the State Government was finally viewing the need for improvements to Coral Bay as a separate issue to the proposed Coral Coast Marina development.

'It is wrong to assume that the marina is a foregone conclusion and that this development will go ahead - even if it did go ahead in its current format, it would not solve Coral Bay's wastewater problems. I hope that the government has recognised this and is listening to the overwhelming opposition to this development. Clearly, we need to focus on working towards a sustainable management plan for Coral Bay itself and the whole Ningaloo Reef.'

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