Greens hit back on cashless claims

Thursday, 8th February 2018

The Greens (WA) Member for the Mining and Pastoral Region and spokesperson for Aboriginal Affairs Robin Chapple has hit back at calls for the cashless welfare card trials to go ahead in the Goldfields after a disallowance motion failed to pass the Senate.

Mr Chapple said that he is disappointed that current trials will continue to roll out despite mounting evidence that the cashless welfare card was not working.

“Figures show that the implementation of this trial in Kununurra has resulted in even greater levels of antisocial behaviour; the trials simply don't justify further rollout.

“Police stats for Kununurra saw 82 more instances of theft and 160 more property offences after the introduction of the card.

“We need programs that intercept people before they fall down the path of antisocial behaviour, programs the Australian government is intent on gutting.

“A community based approach to antisocial behaviour is something The Greens have been advocating for many years and I am disappointed that Labor and the NXT have moved away from this measure.

“This is a fundamentally failed process being pushed onto communities that need social support, not paternalism.

“Look at the increased rates of assault and theft since the introduction of the card. Is controlling the income of people on a shoestring budget really the way to go?”

Media Contact: Liam Carter – 0449 151 490


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