Independent analysis shows WA, Australia going backwards on Climate Change

Friday, 27 November

WA Greens Climate Change spokesperson Robin Chapple MLC said a report released this week by Melbourne firm RepuTex backed up claims that WA’s contribution to climate change abatement was negligible.

“According to the report, Australian emissions are predicted to increase by 4 per cent on 2000 levels with major development projects Gorgon and Wheatstone named as some of the biggest drivers of this growth,” Mr Chapple said.

“Australia will essentially be using accounting tricks to meet its commitment of a 5 per cent reduction by 2020, which will in turn place enormous pressure on our 2030 target, potentially more than doubling the required rate of abatement.”

Mr Chapple said Western Australia was arguably ‘pulling the least weight’ when it came to reducing emissions and transitioning from a carbon intensive economy to a low carbon, clean economy.

“Research carried out by the Greens in 2012 found that emissions in WA could more than double on 2010 levels over the next decade and potentially more than triple on 1990 levels over the same period.

“When you look at the bigger picture, and in the context of the RepuTex report, these statistics are terrifying; the WA government is essentially doing nothing to curtail the effects such massive emissions growth could have on Australia’s ability to mitigate and adapt to climate change.

“I’ve said it time and again, WA has an extraordinary opportunity to make the most of emerging technology and transition rapidly towards a low carbon economy.

“The Greens have a costed plan to do so within the next 15 years – Energy 2029 – that has been fundamentally ignored by the major parties, both of whom wax lyrical about the threat of climate change but have yet to back up words with real action.”

RepuTex report summary can be found here:

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