Newman community comes together to stop Fly-In Fly-Out

February 27, 2003 - Greens MLC, Robin Chapple, congratulated the Newman community for calling for a halt to Fly-In Fly-out mining operations around their town.

About 80 people representing a wide cross section of the community came together at the Saints Football club in Newman last night to voice their opposition to any further expansion of FIFO workers in Newman.

The meeting was attended by MLC's Robin Chapple (Greens WA) and John Ford (Labor). Both listened intently to the complaints of many small business people, government employees and mining workers.

'Mining companies must show regional responsibility by developing regions, increasing local employment, increasing regional jobs and business opportunities. To do any less is abdicating their social responsibility,' said Mr Chapple.

The meeting agreed to form a community action committee to liase with the government, mining companies and local authority. They also sent out a call to all other regional communities being negatively affected by FIFO to form their own action committees and take the fight to the government and industry.

The gathering passed a motion calling on Premier Dr. Geoff Gallop to immediately take action to stop rural decline by prohibiting any further non-regional employment in the mining sector.

They also called on BHP-Billiton to immediately stop the proposed 6 months FIFO contract for truck drivers and to employ and train locally.

Mr Chapple, who was invited to chair the meeting said 'I found it inspiring that the people had a such a passion for the survival of their community'.

Whilst thanking the two members of Parliament for attending the meeting, criticism was levelled at the Local Government, Chamber of Commerce and Mining Companies for not sending representatives.

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