Container Deposit Scheme - 10 cents to recycle your cans and bottles

Greens across Australia are working to establish effective recycling programs.

South Australia has had a scheme for over 30 years, the Northern Territory created one in 2012 and NSW have announced that they will begin one in 2017 . If we continue to wait for a national scheme – we could be waiting a very long time, it’s already been under negotiation for 11 years and there’s little to show in the way of progress.

Now is the time for Western Australia to implement a container deposit scheme and get real about recycling our resources.

Robin will continue to work on this issue as we push for action in state and federal parliaments.

Major benefits of a Container Deposit scheme

It is self funding – this scheme doesn’t require any government funds, and the deposit is fully refundable on return of the container.

Because this scheme is publically regulated, and run by the recycling industry, there will be public reports of the outcomes, and the community will benefit from the programs run with the unredeemed deposits. 

It’ll kick start recycling collection hubs all over the state – which will help bring in programs for return and recycling of many other goods as well.

Australians use billions of drink containers every year. It takes water and energy to make all the containers – and then after one drink – they end up in our landfill. This recycling scheme will see significant savings in water consumption, energy use and help to ease the pressure on our landfill.

This scheme will create new jobs in the recycling industry.

Local councils which currently carry the burden of waste and recycling services will see significant benefits – with less waste going to landfill, and more efficient kerbside collection services they will make significant savings. Some of the unredeemed deposit fund would also go to subsidising Council recycling programs, reducing ratepayers costs.

For WA Greens policies regarding waste management click here.

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