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The Greens (WA) believe
  • strict licence conditions should apply to all projects that have the potential to pollute our marine and coastal environment  with strict enforcement of those licence conditions by the Department of Environment
  • all State’s planning systems and strategies are based on up-to-date climate science and projections (see also The Greens (WA) Sustainable Settlements policy)
  • planning decisions should take account of the effect of the changing coastal environment on built infrastructure and the impact of built infrastructure on the coastal environment See also the Greens WA Marine & coastal policy  (see also Greens (WA) Marine + Coastal policy)
  • rigorous licence conditions should apply to prevent pollution of the marine and coastal environments
  • planning, development and management decisions should be made that will ensure sustainability of the marine environment and in particular that will protect:
  • vulnerable parts of the marine environment and its associated ecosystems, ecological processes and biological diversity
  • the integrity of landforms
  • recreation, tourism and commercial activities that are consistent with sustainability
  • marine values and a sense of place
  • the highest standards of environmentally sensitive design are applied in engineering and infrastructure works in the marine environment
  • the precautionary principle1 should be applied to all planning, development and management decisions in relation to the marine environment
The Greens (WA) will initiate and support legislation and actions that:
  • ensures all Port Authorities are required to produce and adhere to an Environment Management Plan, particularly to control acceptance of solid and oil waste, minimise pollution and prevent ballast water introduction
  • assesses the extent of infestations of exotic species introduced through ballast water and introduce better measures to control these pests
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