Western Australia has reached a turning point in our energy system. Our generators and our distribution and transmission lines are ageing, causing electricity prices to rise in order to pay for the massive upgrades needed to keep the system running. What’s more is the fuel that these out-dated generators require to run is becoming more expensive, and we are footing the bill.

But it doesn't have to be this way. The renewable energy sector is the world’s fastest growing energy industry, and prices for technology and infrastructure are plummeting due to growing global demand. Here in WA we have some of the best conditions in the world to foster this industry.

The Greens WA see this moment as an opportunity: for the creation of jobs, for the diversification of our economy, and for the preservation of our environment. We have created a comprehensive, costed plan for WA to transition to 100% renewable energy by 2029, called Energy 2029.

We want the Barnett Government, and McGowan’s Labor opposition, to stop wasting our money by clinging to old technologies and infrastructure, and to embrace the energy revolution happening around them. They can begin by shutting down Muja coal power station. Over half a century old, this fossil, and the one other coal station owned by the government, has cost West Australians over $631 million in just five years.

The Greens WA want to replace this old coal power station and other outdated infrastructure with renewable energy sources which will provide long-term energy security at a low price to all.

Our State could easily become the renewable energy capital of Australia - all that is lacking is the political will. Will you write to our politicians to bring them on board?

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