Greens hit back on cashless claims

Thursday, 8th February 2018

The Greens (WA) Member for the Mining and Pastoral Region and spokesperson for Aboriginal Affairs Robin Chapple has hit back at calls for the cashless welfare card trials to go ahead in the Goldfields after a disallowance motion failed to pass the Senate.

Mr Chapple said that he is disappointed that current trials will continue to roll out despite mounting evidence that the cashless welfare card was not working.

“Figures show that the implementation of this trial in Kununurra has resulted in even greater levels of antisocial behaviour; the trials simply don't justify further rollout.

“Police stats for Kununurra saw 82 more instances of theft and 160 more property offences after the introduction of the card.

“We need programs that intercept people before they fall down the path of antisocial behaviour, programs the Australian government is intent on gutting.

“A community based approach to antisocial behaviour is something The Greens have been advocating for many years and I am disappointed that Labor and the NXT have moved away from this measure.

“This is a fundamentally failed process being pushed onto communities that need social support, not paternalism.

“Look at the increased rates of assault and theft since the introduction of the card. Is controlling the income of people on a shoestring budget really the way to go?”

Media Contact: Liam Carter – 0449 151 490


Community housing waiting list must be addressed: Greens WA

Monday, 15 January 2018

The length of waiting lists to access community housing in Kalgoorlie-Boulder should be a cause for concern for the McGowan Government according to Greens WA Member for Mining and Pastoral Robin Chapple.

Mr Chapple said that recent comments by Liberal member Kyran O’Donnell, who described community housing tenants as ‘welfare families,’ are damaging and ill-informed.

“Housing is a basic human right and everyone should have access to appropriate, safe, secure and affordable dwellings,” he said.

“The fact that families doing it tough are being left in poor conditions or even without a roof over their heads is tragic and the Member for Kalgoorlie’s role should be about finding solutions rather than stoking tensions and laying blame.

“For Mr O’Donnell to say that harsher penalties and putting families onto the streets will solve the housing crisis is far from helpful.”

Mr Chapple called on the government to investigate options to find suitable accommodation for people currently on the waiting list for housing in WA.

“What the public deserves is a government that will approach housing in the same way that we approach healthcare and education – as a human right.

“With over 150 applicants on the community housing waiting list in Kalgoorlie-Boulder alone, the government must address the demand for shelter as a matter of urgency.

“This is a systemic issue and one that is reflected across regional WA by unacceptable wait times, which in some parts of the state such as West Kimberley far exceed two years on average.”

Crisis in confidence over EPA uranium mine push

Tuesday, 27 September

WA Greens Senator Scott Ludlam and Robin Chapple MLC have today questioned the EPA’s approval for preparatory works at the proposed Mulga Rock uranium mine, which is yet to be approved and currently subject to an appeal.

“Today’s approval for preparatory works at Mulga Rocks exposes the sham of the assessment and appeals process; the EPAs decision today is at odds with the intention of the Environmental Protection Act 1986,” Mr Chapple said.

“There has been serious public backlash against the project reflected in numerous appeals being lodged against the project, including from Traditional Owners and people in the local community.

“There is a race on in WA to get uranium mines approved before the State election. This ambition is ridiculous given the widespread opposition to the industry and the market conditions which are prohibitive to new mines.”

“World-wide we’re seeing uranium mines close and others put in to care and maintenance. Vimy Resources may have some political influence and big benefactors like Andrew Forrest, but none of these things will make this mine profitable or socially acceptable,” Senator Ludlam said.

“The EPA’s response to Vimy’s aggressive approach to starting this mine is not just a demonstration of a poor and non-transparent process, it is a slap in the face for the public and local community that have engaged in good faith in a process which is in essence a fait accompli.

“While the process is broken, the resolve of communities to fight this project is very much alive and well.”

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